Cable support systems

Standards, specifications and certifications

OBO offers cable support systems made by professionals for professionals: The technical properties are guaranteed by DIN EN 61537 (follow-up to DIN VDE 0639). It describes all the relevant parameters such as area of application, test conditions, corrosion resistance and temperature classification. As a competent manufacturer of cable support systems, OBO subjects itself to these requirements on a daily basis. Comprehensive test procedures guarantee that systems which conform to standards function safely.

All products in this catalogue are CE-compliant in accordance with the appropriate EC directives. This also applies to standard parts such as bolts, washers and nuts that are components of various product systems. The appropriate EC declaration of conformity certifies agreement with the named directives or standards, but does not guarantee properties. The safety instructions in the supplied product information and the general safety regulations must be complied with during installation and use.

For OBO, product quality is closely connected to continuous testing and checking − which is why we manufacture almost all our products ourselves. This enormous depth of production is an expression of our demand for quality. From construction and the materials used through production, right up to logistics, our employees personally guarantee the quality and availability of OBO products.
The multitude of approvals emphasize our high demand for quality and product functionality.
Our integrated quality management system forms the solid basis of our ISO 9001 certification, which we have held since 1994. The confirmation of suitability enables defined and workable processes in accordance with KTA 1401 and 10 CFR 50.